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Everyone wants their wedding day to be remembered for a lifetime and therefore, he or she tries to seek ideas and turn them into fun executions in order to engage his or her loved ones and make the aura of the event exclusive by exuding happiness, warmth, and love all around. Goes without saying that, taking photos is the best way to save the memories of the big day and to keep them for a longer time period. A picture speaks a thousand word provided if it captures the gist of the moment or not. Considering this, getting wedding photo booth is certainly a crazy good idea to add a tint of creativity, interactivity, and fun at the wedding venue. 

There are many photo booth providers across Australia who are willing to serve at your big day based upon what you want out of them as many of them would be working around the standard themes while few others would be willing to custom design the booth for you to sync it with the overall wedding theme of your important day. The Photo Booth Melbourne is one such provider who have been facilitating Aussies since eon when it comes to installation of props and to amp up the overall look of an event. 

However, you can add a different fun element to your wedding photos by playing around your photo booth in a bit unusual way in order to make it look different from the general stuff or anything cliche. Considering this, below are given a few tips which can be followed to make the photos spree fun and happening at the same time, such as: 

Closed Vs. Opened Photobooth 

You must consider whether you want to have a closed photo booth or openly placed wedding photo booth hire Melbourne. Talk to your provider accordingly by communicating him or her your expectations and the venue related information. Closed photo booths are most commonly seen at almost everywhere, these tend to be neat, compact and self-contained but at the same time very difficult to transport and place anywhere while on the contrary, open space booths tend to be more user friendly, easier to transport and assemble; and also, provide you with an opportunity to take photos or candids in numerous positions. 

Quality of The Captured Moment 

There’s another consideration before hiring the wedding photo booth Australia which is regarding the photo quality. Closed booths generally use webcams to capture photos as a result, its quality is not good while, on the other hand, opened photo booths are placed around studio lights and DSLR cameras, therefore, the quality tends to be far more superior. So if you are cautious about the photos quality then opt for the openly placed photo booth. 

Play With Backdrops 

Another reason to opt for opened wedding photo booths Australia is you would come across a plethora of backdrop options as per the theme of your wedding; you can even have your custom designed or handmade backdrop into play at the venue. While the options tend to shrink to very limited when it comes to the closed photo booth. Therefore, we suggest preferring open space shoot than other options. 

More People In The Photos 

Closed wedding photo booths have a very limited space to accommodate people while opened booths are more welcoming towards accommodating a large group of people. All depends upon your taste and preference. This is, however, another reason that people nowadays have been shifting towards open space wedding photo booth hire Melbourne. 

Pull The Crowd 

Wedding photo booth Australia should be attractive enough to pull crowd towards it. One easiest way to ensure that all the guests have taken their photos at the booth is asking the host to make an announcement for guest to rush to the booth and get themselves snapped, every now and then. Another way out could be is to lead by example, as many people would be liking and waiting to take the photos with a couple of the hour so why not, doing the honor. 

Weddings are important events in a person’s life, therefore, you should thoroughly think about the do’s and don’ts of the wedding during the preparation phase instead of jumping over it straight away. Wedding photo booths are a great way to add interactivity and entertainment to one’s big day but then again, do not forget to give it your personalized touch to keep the warmth of the event intact and deeply felt. 

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