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A person with a sizeable collection of jewelry pieces knows how difficult, tiresome and daunting it is to store the asset in an organized and precise way. There are various kinds and types of jewelry boxes, armoires, chests, and cases available in the market to do the job at hand for you, provided you know which pieces would take how much space and area in the given box. Searching a right jewelry box which would suffice all of your needs is not an easy task as it may require you to pick 2 or more of multiple options and space areas to completely accommodate all of your precious pearls, earrings, necklaces, bracelets or watches, to name a few. People in Australia often keep their regularly used jewelry in their bags which could get lost eventually due to the unorganised manner of preservation. There are different things that a person needs to consider before investing in any of the jewelry chests starting from analysing and classifying the collection, sorting, protecting and arranging them.  

Nowadays, these jewelry boxes are even being used as a personalized souvenir for the loved ones which turn out to be a great idea in modern day where customized and personalized gifts are valued over the standard and universal ones.  

There are many vendors in Australia dealing with various types of jewelry cases, customised as per the needs of customers. It is however of paramount importance that to be aware of your needs or that of the loved ones when it comes to selecting such boxes. Dltradingau.com.au has been doing a quality job when it comes to customising and personalising jewelry cases in Australia, they have a wide variety and style of options available to choose from or to use as a reference. The details and space specifications are the prime things which help in safely preserving the jewelry. 

There are 5 ways which must be considered for storing one’s jewelry collection before making an investment, such as: 

Divide & Rule 

The first rule for storing the ornaments in a jewelry box is to classify them firstly as per the type and usage pattern. There are different heights and widths available when it comes to jewelry cases, you need to pick the one which offers you ease to store the similar pieces in a compartment while having an option of not only of more compartments in it but also of stacking them in order to form a drawer. The easiest way out to organise, arrange and keep the collection dust free is to stack them up in order, this will increase the visibility as well. 

Separate The Types 

One must bear in mind that she cannot put all the pieces in one basket rather one should be very clear in her head that necklace, bangles, bracelets, rings, watches, earrings cannot be placed at one compartment or one type of box rather necklace should be preserved in the heightened jewelry case, bangles and bracelets should be kept safe in vanity top cases while compartments based boxes should be used to secure earrings, rings, and watches. Type-based sorting of jewelry armoires Australia makes it easier for the human eye to locate conveniently and quickly whatever goes well with the outfit. 

Easy Accessibility 

It is important that you organize your jewelry in such a way that it would become easier to access as well as visible in order to even notice if any piece has gone missing or astray. You should invest in those jewelry boxes where everything turns out to be cluttered in the end rather choose those options which would give you an edge of picking and choosing out in the open. 

Routine Use Vs. Occasional Use 

Another thing that one must bear in mind is the accessibility of the daily used jewelry pieces, you cannot mix such kinds with the occasionally used pieces. It is therefore important that you either keep a separate jewelry box for such collection or use china tray to keep the earrings, rings, and bracelets organised and visually more accessible to the eye especially the ones which you would be using on a daily or routine basis. 

Protect The Valuables 

It is suggested to never keep the valuable jewelry such as gold sets or diamonds or pearls in your usual armoire rather use jewelry safe to protect and keep such valuables in place without any fear of losing the sight of them or damaging them. It is however important that you preserve these pieces by keeping them in separate covers or pouches.  

Start off with the classification of jewelry pieces as this will help you in answering a lot of questions asked above in order to firstly score a right jewelry case and then to store the collection rightly in it. 

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