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Backlinks are considered as one of the major part of SEO. These inevitably have a huge influence on the site’s overall ranking. When it comes to acquiring genuine and good backlink, it takes hard work and time.

For search engine optimised professionals, one of the most uphill tasks is to ensure that they do maintain control of backlinks. Have you ever wondered why do backlinks influence your site’s ranking and where do they go?

This is why, backlink monitoring is vital. You can have a steady monitoring and control work done through several tools. When it comes to SEO this is quite an essential work. At times however, it gets neglected by SEO professionals and marketers.

Let us now take a look into this area and understand why backlinks are so important for you site.

Backlink profiling

When it comes to accessing and calculating your backlinks, it does take a lot of effort, hard work and time. Even, you would need to go through a few tools for this task.

But when you use tools you can effortlessly examine if your links are good or bad. All that you would need to do is import data from the Search Console, through entering the URLs in the text field or through CSV file.

You will be able to attain a complete analysis as per the following data:

  • Alexa rating
  • Number of links that are external
  • Total number of Facebook likes
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • Tweets
  • Anchors
  • Indexed backlinks
  • Google shares
  • And so much more

Additionally, you can incorporate Search Console together with link monitoring tools. This way, you can get a total analysis of your backlinks. You can verify and check its growth rate, backlink’s parameters, explore the list of backlinks that are added to your pages. You will also be able to fluently spot whether or not your site is being spammed.

Fast and effortless management of backlinks

You should ensure that you prevent your website from ruining. Hence, you need to carefully find links which may damage profile of your site. Thus, delete the bad links quickly, before it comes under the radar of Google.

Ensure that you use the right tool which would customise and report you everyday about the backlinks that your site gets every single day. A few links could be on adult content, gambling or even spammy, which would not have any connection to your site.

When you regularly monitor your links, you can undo the blunder before Google takes any action on your website. Hence, you will stay safe from getting penalized by Google. You will on time, disregard and generate the links as per your site’s requirements.

Anchor text to be monitored

Not only should you notice from where the links are coming, but you should also stay cautious about the way in which different anchor links are allocated through the profile of your backlinks. If there is any profile of unnatural link, it could lead towards getting penalised by Google. Hence, with the help of a profile of natural link, several kinds of anchor texts can be added, such as “click here” or the name of your brand.

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