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Outdoor parties are a gamble, as anyone who owns a restaurant will tell you. Outdoor dinners or soirees need a lot of planning to make sure they go off without a hitch. There’s the décor to consider, as well as the logistics of transferring the essential furniture to the outside space. Perhaps some mood-setting music and lights might be connected, leaving the equipment exposed to the weather. 

All of this is OK. Unfortunately, no matter how much effort you and your team put into establishing the ideal environment for a sold-out outdoor dinner party, an unexpected cloud burst or blast of wind can derail all of your efforts. This is a regular occurrence for many businesses that use their exterior spaces to wow customers. There is, fortunately, an answer. You’ll no longer be at the mercy of the weather if you install outdoor blinds or cafe blinds at Mornington Peninsula

Allow Outdoor Blinds or Cafe Blinds to Benefit Your Company 

There are several advantages to purchasing Sunsoft Shade Systems Australia’s high-quality outdoor or cafe blinds. See for yourself why getting a quote on outdoor blinds is such a good idea by reading our list below. 

Protection from weather 

Cafe blinds can simply shield your visitors from the Australian elements which are very harsh. Guests will no longer be chased indoors by strong gale force winds, scorching heat, or rain. Sunsoft Shade Systems Australia has a variety of tinted and clear PVC blinds that provide various weather protection choices. 

Use All Year 

The ability to use areas all year is one of the numerous advantages of installing outdoor roller or café blinds. Outdoor dining, cocktail gatherings, and essential business luncheons aren’t only for the summer. Installing café blinds in your outside space enables you to host any sort of event at any time of year, regardless of the weather! During the summer, the blinds will provide the necessary shade without adding to the suffocation of hosting your event inside. They will also provide you with the excitement of an outdoor occasion without the cold in the winter months! 

Adds to the ambiance 

Our cafe blinds come in a wide range of colours, designs, and textures, so you’ll be able to choose one that complements the atmosphere of your outdoor location. You may also choose how open your blinds are: 

  • Closed completely ensures maximum seclusion, which is suitable for restaurants on the street.  
  • Half-opening the door offers for seclusion as well as the flow of a fresh Australian breeze. The quantity of airflow you can achieve depends on the mesh and PVC materials you choose. 


The most common blind choice for business property owners is cafe blinds. The primary reason for this is that they are long-lasting. The versatility component is also important. They can be fitted on nearly any roof slope, no matter how eccentric. 

Sunsoft Shades System Australia employs only the highest-quality materials and components, which are expertly installed by skilled installers who can customise your blinds to your exact specifications. There are also motorised and manual options available. 

Controls pests 

Restaurants take tremendous effort to guarantee that no insects scamper around while customers dine. The control of flies, on the other hand, is challenging. Café blinds also have the added benefit of keeping insects out of your outdoor eating area. 

Blinds with Advertisement 

Another benefit of cafe blinds is that they may be used to advertise. On the exterior of the blinds, you may pick your corporate colours or have your cafe or logo of the company printed. This will act as a visual reminder to passers-by of the items or services you offer. It would be a terrific method to attract folks to come in for supper if your restaurant is located in an area where traffic levels are notably high in the afternoons. 

Increases the value of your home 

In the end, any improvements to your business property raise the resale value. Café blinds are a great selling point if you ever want to sell the property or lease it to a new tenant. Experts may suggest alternatives that will blend in seamlessly with your present aesthetic aspects, impressing any potential buyer. 

For more than 35 years, Sunsoft Shades System Australia has provided consumers with the highest quality indoor and outdoor blinds, including cafe blinds, large deck umbrellas, and more. You can be sure to acquire the correct set of blinds for your commercial or residential property, whether it’s large deck umbrellas, cafe blinds, or any other shade solution, with the help of knowledgeable specialists who can provide you their hands-on expertise. We will offer you with the finest, regardless of the shape or size of your outside space. 

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