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Project planning is a stepping stone for any project. Planning requires holistic considerations and feasibilities. Generally, not everyone is a good planner and a planner does not get to enjoy the similar wavelength moments in a team. As a few members are followers of the plan while others are good at adding bits of valuable insights to it. But being able to put it all together to devise a plan is a task which is mastered by only a few.  

Even in a project management software, the most important and misunderstood aspect is planning. A planner needs guidelines and information on best practices that your team members might not be able to provide you with at your internal satisfaction level. Hence, a good PMS does this job for you.  

There is various project software up for grabs, each emphasising the different aspect of it. While Admation’s project management marketing and planning software are specifically designed for creative people working on a project or many projects to help them stay focused at each phase of it whilst emphasising specifically on the planning phase with its interactive support.  

Checklist for Project Planning 

To help make things easier below is given a checklist of essential planning aspects that should be considered for choosing an ideal project software: 

  • Define the purpose of the project and identify triple constraints such as timeline, scope, and budget as well as its possible variances to form a baseline for planning. This should be incorporated in your software as well 
  • Identify stakeholders who would be a part of this project and the jobs they would be doing. It is important to have all stakeholders in agreement with the chosen baseline of project success. This will also help you in identifying your needs for a project planning software 
  • To support defining the triple constraints, it is critical to creating a work breakdown structure by identifying all project requirements, dividing them into component deliverables, all the follow-up tasks to generate deliverables, the time required and the critical path. You will have to consider your available resources as well in order to be authentic during the planning phase 
  • Place resources and your skilled employees at different tasks by considering their skill sets, opportunity costs, and effect on the budget constraint. This can be made easier with a help of a resource management tool of your PMS
  • Some planning software even allows you to mark ‘placeholder resource’ for a task that is mandatory but you are unable to assign it to anyone at the moment or you are looking up for a resource for that. The moment you would find that person you can go to the unmarked job title in the software and assign the resource to it 
  • Outline your general plan and mitigation strategies for any anticipated divergences from the plan. A good risk management plan is at a heart of a good planning especially when you have developed the baseline and assigned resources. This can be done by identifying known risks and their potential impact on the project, by doing quantitative and qualitative risk analyses and then developing contingency plans, according to that.  
  • You would never be able to pinpoint the exact risks of a project however, contingency plans gives support to the project management software to assess risks and suggest a route ahead 
  • A project planning software requires you to determine your communication platform where collaborative edits could be triggered and every stakeholder could be kept at a same wavelength of information. We know that each stakeholder would have different communication requirement which could only be dealt with at a carefully chosen platform. An ideal marketing project management software enhances transparency in a project and keeps everyone on the same page.  
  • Determine if you need Gantt charts to support data visualisation tool or user discussion or notification centres, or chat streams. Dashboard to see the visual health of the project and to track the triple constraints. Creating acceptable reporting mechanism as per the needs of clients and management is also very critical while choosing a planning PMS

The best planners are also the best learners, they do not look at each plan with a one time approach. They take their lessons-learned to the planning phase of the next project to improvise. Similarly, your Marketing project management software should be strong and flexible enough on planning phase or aspect. So you could mold it as per your needs and requirements for the planning of any other project. Admation gives you this facility and further guides you with timely internal updates on best practices of project planning. 

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