Four Reasons To Stick To Your Weight Loss Resolutions

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Every year when people make their New Year’s resolutions they invariably include weight loss and fitness amongst their goals. It’s almost inevitable. There is nobody who wants to run less or put on weight so those basic health goals are nearly always there. But why do they feature, is it because society tells us they should be or is there something else behind it. Do we really know what the benefits are to losing weight and getting fit? Maybe we do, maybe we think we do, but regardless, here’s a little list to remind you of the benefits involved in slimming down and getting fit.  


Exercise and weight loss go hand-in-hand 

Truth is Jumpa has provided apps that reward you for working out which can help you greatly. So many people want to lose weight through dieting and they go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals. Because weight loss is a simple equation, if you burn fewer calories than you consume you will lose weight. So starving yourself will definitely result in a positive outcome on the scales. But why starve yourself when you can just facilitate the burning of extra calories through exercise. It’s really easy. 


Mental Dexterity 

For many the fear of losing their minds is very real. As we get older it is not just our bodies that fail physically, it is also our minds that get more and more feeble. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between mental acuity and muscle mass. In other words, the longer you stay active, running, playing tennis or, believe it or not, lifting weights, the longer your mind will stay in top gear. So don’t let age get the better of you, keep going with your exercise routine for as long as you can you will be able to dominate crosswords and conversations well into your nineties. 


Goodbye to diabetes 

One of the worst killers around is the dreaded diabetes, a disease that has become increasingly common in recent times and one which is almost entirely brought about through self-inflicted excess. Keeping your weight down is not a guarantee that you won’t get the disease but it certainly helps. Exercise is a great help in fighting it off – and the consequences of diabetes are nasty. We are talking circulation problems, kidney failure, blindness and in many instances amputations. So stay healthy and fit and keep this terrible disease at bay. 


 Your joints will love you 

The more weight you are carrying the tougher it is for your knees, hips and ankles. You might not realise it when you are young, but the impact has horrible effects on your body which will only show themselves in later life. It’s definitely not always the case, but you will tend to find that in later life, the people going in for knee or hip replacement surgery were carrying more weight than they should have been back when they were younger. The point is, lose weight and to do it smartly so that you don’t have horrible symptoms in years to come. In other words if you are very overweight, don’t start off by running to slim down. Find something lower impact like cycling or swimming – your joints will thank you for years to come! 


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