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Trends come and go and the speed at which they arrive and leave the scene seems to increase every season. As you get older it gets harder and harder to stay in touch with what is cool and what isn’t. Try as you might just when you think you have caught up with the latest fashion, another one comes along and the landscape changes. But there are some things that arrive and which end up staying. Those are the trends that you actually want to make sure that you are ride along with. But what are they? Here’s a handy guide to help you stay in touch – at least for the next couple of years. 

Electronic Cigarettes 

At first it seemed like the e-cigarette would be a fleeting trend, but it isn’t. They are here to stay and they are growing rapidly in popularity with each passing day. Although the jury is still out on the health effects a recent study showed that the phrase ‘vape pens Australia’ was one of the most searched terms on the net in Australia. As the use of cigarettes continues to decline so the vaporizer Australia‘s popularity continues to rise. With choices of flavours and more friendly on the wallet you better be ready to see this habit staying around for years to come. 

Online dating 

Yes, online dating is officially here to stay. Apps like Tinder and Grinder are easy to use, effective and they take all the awkward out of dating. And while there are still people out there who think that it is seedy or ‘not for them’ that number is getting less and less on a daily and weekly basis as more and more success stories are heard. People who met on Tinder are now getting married and having children and living happily ever after. It is the new normal. But it’s not just a dating or hook-up service, these apps are giving millions of people around the world hope and quite simply, that cannot be a bad thing. 

Recycled clothing 

For a long time the notion of wearing second hand clothes was foreign to most people. They saw places like Oxfam as where the down on luck went shopping and where the well-to-do donated things to help the little people. But those attitudes are a thing of the past and now it isn’t just economically smart to buy second hand clothing, it is downright cool and trendy.  

Personal Assistants 

Siri and Alexa and other such electronic personal assistants are here to stay. They are fun and they make so many things possible that a few years ago simply couldn’t be done. They are not just novelty devices that can tell you the capital of Burina Faso when you ask, they also have very real and practical uses. You can run your house remotely, turn on lights or air conditioning, switch off the alarm. They are genuinely useful and without a doubt the next decade is going to see them becoming as prevalent and ubiquitous in modern urban environments as the cell phone has become.      

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