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Apple unveiled the iMac for the very first time in May, 1998. Since then, computing and Personal Computers have never been the same. All these years later, celebrating its 20th anniversary to be precise, we have realised how the invention of the iMac has shaken things. There is no doubting the reality that the iMac has been the most influential and true to its name desktop computer of the past decade. Though, if you compare the original iMacs with the ones that are available today, the former will look dull and quaint. This is understandable, because the change in technology and an advent in the software has paved a way for the new generation of Apple computers to be launched. Not just that the introduction of these computers to the market changed the fate of computing, but it helped Steve Jobs conquer his falling empire once again. Redefining the simple role of PCs that was initially just to use as far as the electronic data protection is concerned, iMacs became a lifestyle. But, how? We have mentioned to you some of the ways below, through which iMacs not only challenged the conventional PCs but changed the history of computing.  

Though it might seem quite trivial to you to start the list with this reason, but iMac brought a style to the world of personal computers. Before it, most of the manufacturers used to produce gray metal or beige boxes that were designed just to do what they were supposed to. There was no such thing as an aesthetically pleasing appearance. With the release of the iMac, the general preference of harsh corners was ditched over curves and sleek design. The neutrality of colours lost their charm with vibrant new hue, named ‘Bondi Blue’, out in the electronics world. Those who were initially apprehensive about the design and thought of it as fragile realised within months that there are specialised dealers like iMac repairs Melbourne, who are now taking this Apple Computer job pretty seriously. The colour scheme and the ice-white pinstripe pattern was a total hit in the market. 

Apple not only set a precedent as far as tech and design is concerned, but is also set a new branding style as well. With iMac, it was for the first time that the lowercase Prefixes were born. Most of the people are unaware of it, hence taking ‘I’ in the ‘iMac’ as quite of a secretive prefix, but it stands for ‘internet’. On the alternate, it can also be used for “individual, instruct, inform, or inspire.” With the fast pace of internet emerging throughout the world, the inclusion of ‘I’ in the beginning of all the Apple products and services became a booming trend. The company used the prefix as a marketing angle in the era when product marketing and branding in itself was an ambiguous business, as there were no set standards. The company chose it as a clever strategy to differentiate itself from the other PCs available in the market, and till date, no other brand has been capable of taking over the edge. 

The next reason would be nothing short of a miracle for the mankind. iMac solely relied on the USB interface, which meant that the users did not have to worry about any external drives including scanners, printers and keyboards. All thanks to the iMac that many peripheral manufacturers come out in the market with their round of USB computer accessories that made the life of PC users easier. Another point worth mentioning here would be that the Apple Computer also killed the floppy drives. The removable storage was initially omitted with a lot of scepticism, but using the internet as a sole tool to transfer all your data and files was a wise move on part of the tech giant. 

Apple has set new standards in the industrial design world with the iMac. It was due to them that some of the industry’s best computing technologies and peripherals came to life. Every time, a new Apple product is released, a new precedent is set in the market. With handhelds and the devices easy to be carried being introduced in the market, iMacs still have their place in the corporate world. Though we are unable to predict the future of the technology, but with the pace that Apple computers are constantly innovating, we don’t see iMacs losing their charm anytime soon.  


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