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Have you lost your car keys, again? Losing things is a chronic problem for most Australians. It can be a real hassle during the day when you lose your keys, phone, or another important item. Surprisingly enough, there are steps you can take to not lose things all the time. The main reason for lost items is human error, whether you like to admit it or not. You can prevent committing errors and not waste time looking for stuff by following the below tips: 

Buy a Wireless Tracker 

It’s the tech age, so you might as well get tech aid to help you locate stuff. One of the coolest gadgets a modern homeowner can have is a bluetooth locator. These Blaq Wolf trackers connect to a smartphone, a computer or another gadget so you always know where certain items, like your car keys, are. You can attach Bluetooth trackers to important items that you don’t want to lose, like keys, phone, pets, or even children. When you can’t find our cat or the phone, just activate the tracker and follow the signal. If you were prone to losing certain items, having a wireless tracker would make your life a whole lot easier.  

Keep Important Items in a Designated Place 

If you keep losing your phone or the reading glasses, it’s probably because you keep leaving these things everywhere. Have a designated place to keep the items you are prone to losing. For example, always place your car keys in a certain drawer all the time so you know where to look for them. Have a place, like the coffee table, to always keep your phone. Designated places keep you organized without you realizing it. When you place an item in the same location every day, you very likely won’t lose them in the first place.   

De-Clutter Your Home 

Can’t find your reading glasses that you know you placed on your work desk? Clutter can make a mess of life. Clutter also makes it very easy to lost things, especially small items. Therefore, de-cluttering your home will make you less likely to lose stuff. Sometimes, when you see clutter in one place, it will make you want to place your things in some other place. That’s the first step toward losing stuff. So, keep your home and desktops organized to avoid losing items you use all the time.  

Don’t Let the Mail Pile Up 

When you get mail, open the letters and deal with them right away. Once you do this, you won’t be spending half the weekend looking for a bill or an invoice that you have to deal with on Monday. Never let the mail pile up because you will end up creating a mess that you can’t get rid of.  

Buy Organizers  

Place organizers—like key hangers, pencil holders, and phone docks—on your desktops or on the furniture closest to the front door. Use these organizers to place little items like keys, paper clips, pens, and whatnot. If you lose a particular item, you can easily check the organizers. These little gadgets will also de-clutter your home naturally.  

As you can see, it’s not that hard to stay organized and hold on to the things that you lose all the time. If you are prone to losing your stuff like most of us are, use the above tips to avoid a catastrophe.  

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