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Automotive technology refers to the practical application of knowledge about vehicles and machines that are self-propelled. People that study this field learn about the way engines work and their construction, the innate workings of the fuel and ignition systems. These days, this filed has made a lot of advances including computer-controlled systems, fuel changing technology and is a far cry from rolling down your own windows. This technology is an integral part of the economy and our way of life as it includes how millions of people travel all over the world, from public transport systems to vehicles that are specialized in performing industrial task. The opportunities have increased vastly in this career especially for those people that work to achieve various certificates such as certificate iii in automotive mechanical technology light vehicle. And given enough work experience and knowledge under your belt; people also work towards how to get building licenses in QLD so that they can start work on their own type of vehicles. The automotive field also has a lot of other options available such as mechanical engineers in the manufacturing department, management options in the retail sector and researchers to work on better fuel solutions. If you have a passion for mechanics and a desire to work on the safety and technological advancement of automobiles, then this is the degree that you should pursue. 

Automotive technicians work in the service department of car dealerships and may even work in specialized organizations such as race car teams or car building companies if they strive to increase their knowledge through various certificates such as certificate iii in automotive mechanical technology light vehicle after which you can use your skills in the field of light vehicles and work on how to get a building license as well. These technicians have it run diagnostics on a day to day basis on various vehicles that have problems including working with special computers to deal with the electronics of the vehicle. They then must interpret the codes to find out where the error lies and how to repair it. This can include working with special tools to repair as well as replace the broken parts of the vehicle. Their work also includes conducting inspections and taking preventative maintenance measures such as oil changes and tune ups.  

If you want to become an automotive technician, then there are a set of skill that you need to have in order to qualify such as being efficient. People want mechanics that can diagnose and solve the problem quickly and are even willing to pay extra to those that do. They should have problem solving skills that includes working with computer equipment as well as your own knowledge to work everything out. You should have a certain level of physical fitness as well so that you can lift heavy objects and use a certain level of force to do the tough jobs. You should also be on board withstanding in certain positions for long periods of time and work on your stamina. They should also have technical proficiency as well as mechanical expertise so that they can work with a variety of tools and know which mechanical parts fits in the correct place.  If you plan on becoming an automotive technician, then you should have a minimum of a high school degree or a GED. After this, you should go words a two-year associate degree from a vocational college that includes classroom teaching as well as practical training where you can learn about basic maintenance and repair. After this, you can also go on for a bachelor’s degree from university. You can work while you are getting an education by getting as many internships as you can with car dealerships so that you can gain experience and get a job immediately after you have completed your studies. During your job, you can also work on getting differ certifications such as certificate iii in automotive mechanical technology light vehicle so that you can specialize in certain field and get more lucrative job offers. Most employers require anywhere from one to five years of trading to be promoted to senior technician and from there you can work on how to get a building license. 

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