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If you’ve advertised a job and received lots of applications, there can be a lot of difficulty when it comes to short-listing the candidates and inviting certain ones for an interview. If you have received plenty of quality applications from great candidates, deciding who to interview can be very difficult.

Sit down with the applications and work through them

First of all, you should sit down with all the applications and work through them yourself. You should sort them into three different piles – the ones you definitely want to meet for an interview, the ones you definitely won’t be inviting for an interview, and the ones you may or may not invite, depending on how many you have in the ‘yes’ pile by the end.

Figure out whether you have enough applicants to interview

It can be a waste of everybody’s time if you don’t have enough applicants to interview, particularly if you’re conducting a group interview first. If you don’t have enough applicants for the job, you can use cloud recruitment software to find suitable people to interview. Contact cloud recruitment software and let them know about the job vacancy which is currently available, and if they are interested in coming for an interview they are very welcome to. By doing this, you can also filter through profiles which might not suit your requirements, making it easier to get hold of the best candidates to interview.

Ask for a second opinion

Ask another manager or somebody in a senior position what they think about particular candidates if you’re not too sure whether or not to invite them for an interview. A second opinion from somebody you respect can often sway your mind one way or the other, so if you’re really stuck on which pile to put a certain applicant into, don’t be afraid to ask.

Look for personality within applications

Some candidates will send a cover letter along with their application form or resume, and this is a great way of finding out a little bit about their personality. You should look for somebody friendly and approachable if they will be working alongside other customers or in a team. If you’re recruitment management software Australia for a managerial position or higher position which not be require much interaction with other people or members of the public, leadership skills and a firm yet friendly personality are the most important features.

Check the experience and qualifications match the job description

Not everybody will read your job advertisement fully, and even more people will apply for a job that they aren’t necessarily qualified for. Unfortunately, you will have to spend some time looking through the applications and deciding whether or not they will be suitable for it if they do get hired. Remember that some experience is transferable, so while they might not have customer service experience in the field your business is in, they could have it from another area.

Contact the unsuccessful applicants

While this isn’t necessary, it’s always good to send unsuccessful applicants a quick email as a matter of courtesy. Some people might be very keen for an interview, and not hearing anything will mean they could be waiting longer and longer rather than applying for and taking other positions.

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