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Video content marketing is on the rise. And no, it’s not just the social media videos that are gaining traction among high-converting customers. Digital display screens in public areas are also on the rise to attract customers that convert. In fact, digital displays in public areas reach more people in a target audience than videos shared on social media. CSG offers state-of-the-art display solutions for Australian businesses seeking to advertise, attract real-life traffic, drive customer conversions, and overall to create brand awareness. CSG is a leading display solutions supplier that works screens both indoors and outdoors, and provides display services to businesses in a myriad of sectors.  

Digital Display Signs are Proven to Be Effective  

Digital display signs not only look good, these are also known to attract more customers. Studies have shown again and again that we retain visual information far more accurately and acutely than non-visual information. According to a recent market study, digital signs on roads were at least 34 percent more effective compared to traditional picture signs. If your businesses engages in retail or services sector, then your business can certainly benefit from display solutions.  

Display Advertising Leads to Sales 

Digital display point-of-sale advertising can lead to direct customer conversions. In one study, a four out of five brands experienced higher sales with digital displays in public places. These high conversion rates are justified by what we already know about visual content. CSG can help any company make a massive impression on a screen. CSG’s smart display signage solutions can help smaller brands stand out tall even above better-known brands.  

Target Employees as well as Customers 

CSG not only delivers display signs for customer viewing, companies can benefit from high-impact display signs aiming employees as well. CSG offer unique interactive whiteboards with screens that can make company presentations more memorable among employees. The CSG boardroom interactive whiteboard are also reliable. Using one of these can eliminate time spent on making an animated Power Point presentation.  

Deliver Informative Visual Content 

The benefits of digital signs go beyond just showing something nice and shiny to the target audience. With products like CSG’s hospitality screen signs, customers can display informative visual content that engages potential customers. Hospitality display signs can be used to showcase content like visual or virtual tours. Display signs can also offer customers updates, especially in certain environments like waiting room areas. In fact, display signage can deliver information speedily in an easily digestible manner to a closed environment crowd.   

Upgrade the Interior of Shops 

CSG display signs can improve the interiors of stores, like cafes and retail outlets. For example, a restaurant can use a digital sign to show the menu. There are innovative solutions like rotatable display signs that can improve customer engagement within a store. A small and simple upgrade like this can give a small business an edge over the competition.  

Treat Each Customer without Meeting Them 

Brick-and-mortar establishments may struggle to provide customer service with a limited number of employees. In this case, e-boards and similar displays can help not just to display information to customers, but also to deliver customer service right to the table.  

While display signage can be useful as mentioned above, finding the hardware for it can be cumbersome and expensive. CSG solutions eliminates most of the unwanted expenses from finding the right display signs and delivers the best products.  

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