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Legal matters are always a daunting affair, and most people tend to avoid them at all costs. The processes are long and tiring, there is too much technical jargon to comprehend at once and most of the time, there are too many tricks and traps involved. That is the general perception people have when it comes to legal services. 

But the truth is, the law is there to protect citizens from unlawful practices and exploitation by those with a higher power. So, if you are stuck in a place where you think the law will be helpful, then you should take that step and not avoid it just because of the problems that are associated with it.  

In that scenario, your safest bet will be MEJ, Maliganis Edwards Johnson, because they have been protecting the rights of the people since 1985.  


MEJ or Maliganis Edwards Johnson is a legal company that specializes in the branch of law that deals with personal injury. The aim is to understand the complex laws and how they are formed so they can use that information to better understand situations too, in return help clients as much as possible.  

Due to this, their team of lawyers is knowledgeable enough that they have the best legal advice for whatever situation their clients might face. This level of competency and knowledge allows them to help their clients receive fair compensation and avoid unnecessary costs.  


MEJ is known for applying a ‘no win – no fee policy which only goes up and beyond to show how dedicated the firm is to help its clients. Not only that, but it also reflects that their tea, of lawyers, especially estate lawyers in Canberra are confident enough in their ability to agree to such a policy.  

MEJ understands that not every client can afford to pay an up-front cost which is why the rule they typically follow is that clients must pay after the case is settled.  


MEJ and its team are always passionate and try their best with client problems. The lawyers try to exceed expectations no matter what the issue is. With the help of specific layers for specific domains, for example, estate lawyers and real estate lawyers, below are the types of cases MEJ can help deal with: 

  • Cases related to wrongful death 
  • Medical negligence 
  • Accidents within construction sites 
  • Institutional abuse 
  • Wills and estate disputes 

And more. Lawyers in each category possess equal levels of expertise and can be trusted without a doubt. No category is any less important yet cases regarding wills and estate disputes are the most common.  


For disputes related to wills and estate, what clients require are estate lawyers or real estate lawyers, if not both. Wills and estate disputes arise when a loved one dies, and they leave some property/estate to someone in their will or inheritance. That needs to be transferred according to law but disputes arise if the distribution is done unfairly or is unjust in any way.  

This is where estate lawyers and real estate lawyers come into play. Since laws regarding the will and distribution of estates are different in each state, it is necessary to hire estate lawyers that know regarding laws in your state to avoid any additional hassle. In addition to that, it is also a very sensitive and emotional time for the client and their family because the death of a close one leads to an investigation of their will. This is why, due to the sensitivity of the matter, real estate lawyers and estate lawyers at MEJ make sure to handle everything with care and sensitivity.  


First, because of different laws for different states, MEJ will link clients to the most knowledgeable estate lawyer in that field to ensure expert advice. These estate lawyers or if need be, real estate lawyers will look up who is eligible to lay a claim to the estate or who, within the family of the deceased is entitled to claim it. Estate lawyers, as well as real estate lawyers at MEJ, have the good emotional intelligence to help clients distinguish if fair and unfair practices if the results of a consultation seem disappointing.  

So, there is no need to wait. Call now and get your free and no-obligation consultation! 

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