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The birth of a Nuuvee company is no less than an interesting story. We were going for a picnic and had an hour stay for lunch on the road. We decided to explore the surrounding area. It was a sea and people were paying in the water and soaking themselves in the mud. Playing in seawater is a good idea but soaking in mud was unusual for us.  

Upon asking, we came to know that it is the Dead Sea. Land of minerals and salt. People consider that seawater, salt and mud contain a high amount of minerals in it, which are beneficial for human health. One additional story that was revolving around was about Cleopatra. People have believed that she used to come here to make her own natural beauty products using water, salt, and mud.  

It was a different experience for us and we decided to explore more about it. After doing thorough research, we came to know that the Dead Sea is blessed with natural minerals, which are highly beneficial for treating many diseases in human beings.  

We know that people have become busy in their life and do not pay attention to taking a healthy diet, which leads to early decay of bones and teeth. Mark’s father was also suffering from bone aches. We worked on the salt and minerals and made our own magnesium oil. When we applied it to the father’s legs, the result was amazing. The pain was gone for good. This was the time, we had launched Nuuvee and then we never looked back. Instead, adding on nee products under our banner name.  

The Products 

Following are the products that we are selling under the name NUUVEE.  

  • Water Filters 

As you know, we want to give a better and healthy lifestyle to our people. We have introduced water filters at affordable prices. The cause of all the viral diseases is water. We want that people drink pure and healthy water. With the help of water filters, they can purify the water at home.   

Epsom Salt 

  • Dead Sea Salt 

Dead Sea salt is good for the skin. We use it in making body scrubs and other body-related bath accessories. People use it and get benefits instantly. We make products using natural minerals and salts; therefore, it does not contain side effects.  

  • Essential Oil 

We make all kinds of essential oil. You name it and find it in the shop of NUVEE. We deal in 100% authentic products. The aim of our company is to provide good health to our fellow citizens. Using essential oils can make their lifestyle better.  

  • Himalayan Pink Salt 

Himalayan pink salt is an ideal salt for cooking. We can consume every day with each meal. The benefit of Himalayan pink salt is that it does not cause bloating. In addition, it does not have any hormonal side effects like other salts. Even dietitians encourage taking Himalayan pink salt.  

  • Magnesium Oil 

We know that people are more towards healthy lifestyle these days. They know the benefits of magnesium oil but they are confused about where to buy magnesium oil. Getting original magnesium oil is hard to find. Many companies are selling magnesium oil but they are not authentic so people are not getting results. Even though, they charge the same. Nuuvee is selling authentic products; you can buy blindly from us. We provide high-quality products to our customers. You never regret ordering from us. The deficiency of magnesium can cause migraine, arthritis, body ache, seizures, heart diseases etc.  

  • Dead Sea Water 

Dead Sea water has many benefits. It treats eczema and skin diseases in no time. We have seen many people who invest money in medicines and doctors for treating skin diseases still do not get the desired results. Using dead seawater is no less than a miracle.  

Other Products 

Other products that we have under the name of Nuuvee are as follows.  

  1. Shea Butter 
  1. Magnesium Chloride 
  1. Sodium Bicarbonate 
  1. Bees Wax 
  1. Foot and Bath Soaks 
  1. Borax 
  1. Citric Acid 
  1. Hemp OIL 
  1. Bentonite Clay 
  1. Soy Wax 
  1. Dead Sea Mud  
  1. Coconut Oil 

Now, if you still have a question about where to buy magnesium oil then Nuuvee is a go-to place for you.  

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