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In our everyday lives, we may often take certain aspects of our health for granted. Sometimes the simplest tasks which we perform can be considered monumental tasks for other who are suffering from conditions which may affect their nervous system. Simple things which we take for granted such as having clear vision can be a distant wish for someone who has had to live with the diagnosis of MS. Often at times we forget how important a healthy life actually is, think about the times when you catch the common cold, some of us handle it better than others, but some of us really can’t deal with the irritation and often call in sick depending on how intense the symptoms may be. Think about the time when your nose is blocked, and you think back to how easy it is to breathe normally. In no way are we saying that you should ponder over how healthy you are daily, rather, we are simply talking about a comparison of health between a fully functional individual and someone who is suffering from MS. 

For all of you who are either developing the early signs of MS or have already received the diagnosis, perhaps a support website might help you to cope with the condition as well as understand the disease better. for a lot of people receiving the diagnosis can be a pretty hard blow, especially considering there is no medical solution for the disease yet, however, perhaps reading up about the condition and reading actual accounts of how others dealt with it may help the patients who are suffering and make the acceptance process just a little bit easier for them in the long run. We understand that it’s much more complicated than just reading some stuff on a website and feeling better, there will be a long journey till you finally accept the condition and understand that you are going to have to deal with this now for the rest of your life. 

You may be wondering what the early signs of multiple sclerosis may be and how to differentiate it from other neurological conditions which may sprout up.  

Often the first place which MS attacks is your eyesight. You may notice that your vision is going blurry in one eye (or both) and that seeing has become a lot more difficult than it once was. Moreover, your vision may have a hollow in the middle which could make seeing things a lot harder.  

After that you may notice numbness in your limbs, similar to the sensation when a limb falls asleep, except it’s a lot longer in this case. The initial symptoms may make you feel numb for a few days leaving you utterly confused, that’s when you should consider seeing a doctor.  

What MS is is a disease related to the central nervous system which takes hold of the person and makes basic functioning a lot more complex. Brain signals between the spinal cord and the CNS (central nervous system) may be disturbed which causes some of the early signs of MS which we mentioned before. 
One of the most popular theories is that the immune system, attacks the myelin sheath which cover the axons and cause issues with the neural signals which are being transferred around the brain. Something like this can causes severe complication with neural impulses hence the reason you motor functions and basic functions related to the CNS may start to “act up”. 

We suggest that you go on over to the website for you to understand more about the disease and as a means to cope with the condition which you now have. moreover, since it is specifically for people in Australia who are suffering from the condition, you might find some factors about the website and what they have to say as more relatable than say a MS website from somewhere in the EU. 

We hope that you found this article helpful and that you are on your way to accept your condition and make the best of your situation despite the setback in terms of the medical bad news.  

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