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Better safe than sorry. We all have heard it, but there are hardly any times where we consider implementing it. Prevention is always better than cure, because then you don’t have to worry about the losses that you have inflicted on yourself. Let’s get done with the phrases here and get to the actual point. You get what we meant. Right? It is always better to be safe and secure than to repent something bad later. The same goes for your home and its security too. If you are generally worried about burglary and your home security, it is essential that you take preventive measures, so you can breathe in peace whenever you aren’t home. Most of the people don’t know or tend to ignore the basic statistic that more than 70 per cent of the home invaders enter through a door, as opposed to the general misconception (or what show in films and TV shows) that they enter via a window. By doors, we mean patio doors, front doors, and even garage doors. So, there are a good amount of options for the burglar to enter your home with. It is about high time you take this matter into serious consideration and do something to protect your home. If you are getting all-serious with the prospect, here are some tips to help you improve your doors’ security. 

Solid & Windowless: 

All exterior doors that are vulnerable to security breach must be solid and kick-proof. How you can achieve that is by having solid wood doors, or doors with an extremely solid wood-core. Some other safe options cold be fiberglass or metal. Reinforced steel doors are the best option out there, but you need to be extra vigilant against rust. If you are opting for a metal door, make sure it has a lock block and an interior reinforcement. This will prevent the thief from bending the door open with a car jack. You can also choose Security Screen Melbourne, because they are the best option available out there. Another factor to investigate would be to go windowless, if there is an increased fear. Door windows are a great way for the light to enter your home, but they also are a security risk for home. Consider how far is the window from the lock, and if it is easy to unlock the door by smashing the window. If you want a window, choose reinforced glass and add decorative bars or metal reinforcement. 

Strong Protection: 

A door is as strong as its lock. It doesn’t matter if you have a reinforced steel door, it can easily be neutralised by one solid kick if the lock doesn’t extend deep into the door frame. Don’t choose the cheapest deadbolt you can find and go with a good and well-known brand name. You can also install a one-sided, secondary deadbolt too. These deadbolts basically do not have access to the outside, which means that they can only be used when anyone is at home. They are nearly impossible for a burglar to bypass. Even if you have security screens, you can get these locks installed on the other doors for added protection. They will prove to be extremely beneficial when you are sound asleep and will offer added protection when you are not home. 

Sliding Doors: 

Sliding glass doors are often the invitations for burglars. It doesn’t matter if you have them at home as you like them, because you can secure these decorative entry points. Firstly, make sure your doors are made from plastic or reinforced glass, and not a simple thin glass. You can also consult an alarm company to install vibration sensors or motion sensors to sound the alarm in case the glass is broken. For added security, install curtains on the inside, so the burglars cannot have a wide-screen view into your home. 

Lastly, don’t overlook the doorjamb and frame. Both are essential for door security, so install a deeper box strike to the frame. The box strike is basically a type of steel pocket that houses the bolt part of the deadbolt. Lastly, if you keep the mentioned factors in consideration, we don’t see how you can ever face any security breach.  

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