The Esc-Vape You Need To Break Your Addiction From Cigarettes! 

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We all know about cigarettes and the negative side effects which come along with them. For decades cigarettes have contributed to the development of cancer and other related diseases which have plagued as well as claimed a number of lives in the process. Despite the warnings and scientific proof about the effects of the cigarettes, people still go ahead and buy them as they would have even if there weren’t any consequences. The reason being, the addiction which nicotine causes the smoker to develop along the course of them smoking. Smoking can be a very difficult habit to kill and when withdrawing, one can go through sever psychical as well as psychological symptoms which can be extremely difficult to deal with.A great alternative to cigarettes is, in fact, a vape. Vapes are a modern version of what electronics cigarettes once were. You get the pleasure derived from the feeling of smoking as well as the benefit of it not being as unhealthy as the killer cigs. JuiceCartel is a company which helps you in buying your first vape pen. You can go to them to either get a new start kit or keep visiting them on and off to gather new flavours, chargers and new pens for when the time comes for you to change. You can find just about anything vape related on their website. All this delivered right to your doorstep with their delivery feature. All you have to do is sit around at home, go online, choose whatever you like and place the order. Now just wait for the package to arrive and enjoy your vape and take solace in the fact that you are engaging in healthier option than cigarettes. 

One of the most popular features of the vapes is the fact that they come in so many different flavours for you to choose from. The options are pretty much endless when it comes time to choose the flavour which you plan on smoking.  Hence the reason people prefer the vapes over cigarettes and have been switching over in mass. JuiceCartel has whichever flavours your which to choose from as well as many more. You can browse through the options online and then check to see whether the online store has the flavours or not. After which you can just order it in along with your vape starter kits Australia when it is scheduled for its delivery.  

One of the biggest problems with cigarettes is that you had to keep buying them when you were done smoking. Throughout your lifetime you may have spent several hundred or even thousands of dollars every year with you buying a new packet every few days or weeks. Therefore, not only does it take a toll on your physical health but now it’s emptying out your pockets as well.
You have the potential to save a lot of money when it comes to vapes. You don’t need to dispose of the pen every time you are done smoking it, rather, you keep it around for the next use. The only thing that does need to be changed once in a while with the vape starter kit in Australia is the flavour which may run out depending on how much of it you actually smoke.   

Since we talked about the negative effects of smoking and how difficult it is to get off of it, perhaps you could redirect your fixation to the vapes as a means to cope with the withdrawal. Where the cigarettes end you could potentially develop your new addition to a safer option in the form of vapes.
Make no mistake, the vape is still smoke entering your lungs, and any foreign substance entering your body in such a way is unhealthy, however, it is significantly healthier than smoking pack after pack of cigarettes every day/ week.  There should be no question of the effects of smoke on the lungs, as well as no doubt that the vapes are safer than the cigarettes. 

We hope you find the best vape for yourself and enjoy the activity in a way which suits you best. Get some great flavours and enjoy the new experience with the vape pens. We hope it will be a means for you to quit your addiction and help you in living a longer healthier life in the process. 

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