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The most crucial aspect of having a functioning and practical kitchen space is getting your kitchen design right. Regardless of whether your kitchen is small and compact or vast and open, a smart plan will help you make the most of the space. In terms of ergonomics, kitchen layout entails more than just placing furniture and cupboards. The correct heights, adequate space for comfortable mobility, appliance location, and simplicity of usage will all play a role in how much you appreciate the area. 

While your kitchen design in Kellyville will most likely be determined by the design of your house, you may always improve the space to make it more functional. Here are some of the most typical kitchen layouts, along with some advice on how to make them work for you. 

Kitchen with One Wall 

This simplistic structure, which is commonly found in smaller kitchens, saves space while maintaining utility. The One Wall Kitchen, which is made out of cabinets built against a single wall, can contain upper and lower cabinets, as well as storage above base cabinets, for a clean look. 

Consider verticality while designing a one-wall kitchen layout. Because you only have so much space to work with, raising your cabinets as high as possible can help you get additional storage. While the classic work triangle is impossible to achieve in a one-wall kitchen, attempt to position your refrigerator on one end, oven and burner in the middle, and sink on the other end. If your cabinets don’t reach the ceiling, make advantage of the space above them by keeping goods that aren’t used often. You may also utilise this area as a showcase area to tie your kitchen’s concept together. 

Kitchen with L-Shape 

The L-shaped kitchen, which features cabinets on two perpendicular walls, is a suitable layout choice for small and big kitchens. The open plan form of the L-shaped kitchen allows for significant versatility in the positioning of equipment and work zones, even though the corner requires some innovative storage solutions to make it workable. While the L’s legs can be as long as space is available, for convenience of usage, keep them under 4.5m. 

Install a walk-in pantry cupboard in the corner of your L-shaped kitchen if space permits. This way, you won’t waste important space that would otherwise be wasted in a corner, and your kitchen will acquire a significant value. You could even be able to build a tiny breakfast nook in the outer corner of an L-shaped kitchen, boosting the room’s enjoyment for your family. 

Kitchen in a Galley 

The galley kitchen comprises of two rows of cabinets facing one other, forming an inner hallway or galley between them, and using relatively little cabinet space. This concept maximises every centimetre of space without wasting it by removing the necessity for corner cabinets. Because of the straightforward design, less specialised devices are required, making this a cost-effective solution. 

The galley kitchen already has extra storage capacity because of the added row of drawers. It’s crucial to have the work spaces along only one of the walls, not both, especially for larger families or multiple-cook kitchens. This will allow you to avoid traffic and reduce the danger of harm when travelling through the work triangle. 

Kitchen in a U-Shape 

The U-shaped kitchen has cabinetry along three neighbouring walls and is a wonderful plan for bigger kitchens. If there are higher cabinets on all three walls, this plan might seem confining. Select upper cabinets on only one or two panels, with open shelves, focal tiles, or a hob cover on the other. The U-shaped kitchen provides for efficient productivity and the simultaneous usage of numerous people. 

Keep window spaces open and tidy in a U-shaped kitchen to make it work. The work spaces should be on the other end of the blocker and entry doors to make the most of the space. 

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