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The quality game case adds considerably additional to what you may be imagining! Though it greatly depends upon the sort of the case in question, the gaming case generally maintains temperature of the inner components and you would be in a strong position to install the ancillary hardware upgrades to your electronic machine. If you feel inclined towards constructing your own gaming PC, 

then you may hold fast in your sight that the computer hardware is being offered at cheaper prices over the Australian market as compared to several years ago, and that you now have a host of tutorials to provide you the required guidance. In a nutshell, the discussion focuses on two essential elements, firstly, the hardware since you are generally looking towards a faster, higher performing machine that could furnish you with an unparalleled gaming experience; secondly, the gamers have the intention to design the machine that seems impressive and arrests the focus of the fellow gamers. Let us direct our attention onto the best possible gaming cases at various price ranges, thus whatever your budget may be, you would be in a strong position to have access to the gaming case that goes by your heart and mind.

You shall be examining the model number along with a glimpse of the specifications of the main features: 

NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower Computer case 

This case reflects a sleek design and further consists of an acrylic window that permits the gamers to feel with amazement the power of the hardware. It offers comfortable solution for hardware substitution. You would be at liberty to add up to 8 cooling fans. 

NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower Computer Case 

Model #: CA-PH410-W2. 

1a. Removable HDD cage for extended video cards. 

2a. 2*3 USB headers that relate directly to the motherboard. 

3a. 30W-3 step fan control. 

4a. Dual radiator water cooling apparatus. 

Corsair Carbide series 100R Mid Tower Case 

Model #: CC-9011075-WW 

This case is one instance of the vast array of the gaming reckoner shields that possesses slots in view of customization, comes along with tool-free installation options and offers greatly expandable extra fan sports. 

Key Features: 

1a. Dual USB 3 Front Panel Support. 

2a.SSD Support. 

3a. Fan Mounts. 

4a. Flush Mounted Side Panel Window. 

5a. Tool-free 3.5” and 5.25” Drive Installation. 

DeepcoolD-shield V2 Windowed Mid-Tower ATX 

Cooler master CMP 501 mini Towerwith Elite V3 600W PSU

Cooler master Cosmos c700P RGB Full Tower Case

Thermaltake Versa H18gamingWindowed Micro-ATX Case 

In Win 303 tempered glass Mid-tower ATX case-Black

Thermaltake versa H17 Windowed Micro-ATX Gaming Computer Cases

Cooler MasterMastercaseH500P RGB Tempered Glass

Corsair crystal 460X RGB compactMid tower ATX Case 

NZXT Source S340 Windowed mid-Tower ATX Case-Black

Cougar MX330-X Mid-Tower ATX Case with 500W PSU

In Win Chopinmini-TX Case with 150W PSU-Silver

Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower

RosewillATX Case Mid Tower Case With Blue LED Fan. 

Model #: NAUTILUS 

It is almost ideal for the gamer who looks for high quality tower. The nautilus could expand to bolster the larger sized components such as the 154mm CPU cooler and 380mm graphics card. 

ApeviaX-Trooper X TRP RD ATX Mid Tower Case 

Model #:X-TRP-RD 

This gamer case has been designed for the gamers with a budget that is flexible and possess the modern design simultaneously.it is equipped with 2* USB 3 ports and 2*USB 2 ports. This case boasts of eSATA port on the top with a power light strip to render a sort of futuristic touch. 

NanoxiaDeep Silence 3 Mid Tower Case 

Model #:NXDS3B 

The Nanoxia has won 3 awards based upon its silent operation.it is on the offer with a specific combination of bitumen and foam that bear the responsibility of reducing airborne unwanted sounds from the mechanical drives and the van of the vibrations. Since the deep silence 3 is water cooling ready therefore, you can install thick 240mm radiators on the rear of the front panel. 

VIVO “SMART” Micro ATX Tower Computer Gaming.

Model #: CASE-V06 

The VIVO possesses an elegant design and is meant primarily for those gamers who are conscious of their budget.  

The multitude of models on the market throughout the continent of Australia provide such options that do fulfill the requirements of most of the gamers and ordinary customers both in terms of technical specifications and as far as the budgetary requirements of the purchasers are concerned. 


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